Killdeer seventh-grader wins Dunn County Spelling Bee


Faith Norby stood at the podium on Wednesday and took a deep breath. She was a finalist in the Dunn County Spelling Bee at Killdeer School and she had a chance to win the title.
Judges asked her to spell “stoic.”


Dunn County Herald
A smile slowly stretched across the seventh-grader’s face. But it was a cautious smile. She knew the word, but didn’t want to rush into it.
Calmly, Norby asked for the definition. Then she asked the judges for the orgin of the word.
Slowly and confidently, she spelled out the letters. A moment passed and the judge said she was correct.
Norby was one of 14 students in fourth through eighth grades from Killdeer and Halliday schools to participate in the spelling bee. And after six rounds, she was crowned the winner.
“This was so exciting,” Norby beamed.
It came down to a dual in the sixth round between Norby and eighth-grader Molly Nies. Both had been in the event one time before and each placed in the top 10, so they knew what to expect.
Nies went first. Her word was “harmonica.” She knew it and quickly started spelling the word. But Nies misspelled the word, adding an additional “i” in the word.
“My mom a music teacher,” she chuckled after the event. “I knew how to spell it. I guess nerves got to me. I rushed through it. I guess I should’ve been like Faith and took my time.”
Norby smiled and thanked her for the compliment.
“It’s challenging. But you have to learn to calm yourself,” Norby said.
Dane Dorval, a fifth-grader at Killdeer, placed third in the event.
Norby and Nies have qualified for the North Dakota State Spelling Bee on March 20 in Bismarck. At stake will be the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C.
To get to the oral portion of the spelling bee, students had to take a spelling test in their classroom and each grade sends two representatives.
The other Killdeer students who participated in the event were: Abby Hardersen and Savannah Nijim, Wesley Smith, Ainsley Hayden, Isaac Jaggi, Curtis Jacobson and Jeremy Petry.
The Halliday participants were: Dalton Swenson, Joselyn Danks, Noah Sage, Kaven McKenzie and Durwin Alcon.
After the event, the participants and correctors and judges were treated to a pizza party catered by Nana Lil’s.


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