Killdeer Shooting


Just behind Grab n Go, on the South side of Killdeer, is the Bi-Hutch trailer park.

By Bryan Katz

On Monday evening, there was an altercation between a woman and two suspects, in which an armed robbery took place.

According to Killdeer Police Chief, Eric Braathen, there were no vehicles on the property when the robbers proceeded to enter the home. What they didn’t expect to see, was a woman home and asleep. The woman chased the robbers out only to be openly fired at.

Luckily, no deaths or known injuries were reported. However, the two suspects fled the scene in a blue Lincoln vehicle just as Killdeer police arrived at the scene. Unfortunately, KPD didn’t realize that the blue Lincoln was the getaway are, and did not pursue them.

The woman who was attacked recognized one of the suspects, and warrants are currently being issued.

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