Killdeer students have fun while learning to drive

Most people can remember their driver’s education class, if you attended, but not very many are as fun as Killdeer’s class!

Clayton Johnsen, the driver’s ed teacher, makes sure to fill the class with worthwhile activities. The first two days, students were in the classroom from 8-5.  Mr. Gary WIlz came out one of the mornings to talk about bus safety.

On the third day, they have classwork in the morning, and then in the afternoon, Marathan and MBI came to talk to the students about defensive driving (as it pertains especially to western ND with the increase in oil field activity). MBI brought out a tanker for the kids to climb up in and get to witness firsthand how big the blind spot is in comparison to a car.  Then, that same day, ND DOT came out and talked about plow safety. They brought a scrapper truck along with a side boom for the kids to see.

The morning of the last day, the students take their final exam and also complete a map activity. At 10:00, all branches of law enforcement come to the room, along with EMT’s, to do a question and answer seminar for an hour. After that, they met at the golf course. James allowed them to use the driving range as an obstacle course to simulate driving impaired with drunk googles, cannabis googles, or sleep deprivation googles.

The law enforcement, along with EMT’s, performed ‘in the field actions’ on the students to give them a sense of what it would be like. 

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