Killdeer Summer Sports Recap

Sarah Doe and Becki Andersen are the Killdeer Elementary Girls’ Basketball coaches. They had an extremely fun year, and it led to a 3rd place finish for both teams. Coach Doe explained, “We had an amazing group of young athletes. Our roster consisted of six 6th graders, six 5th graders, and fourteen 4th graders.


Coach Andersen and I appreciated the leadership portrayed by the 5th and 6th graders getting our new 4th grade ballers ready to play in competitive game situations. We were impressed with all players positive attitudes, hard work ethic, and their drive to learn the game and get better. They were very coachable and really bought into the idea of being a basketball family. The sport of basketball offers and develops so many different lifelong skills and the elementary basketball girls have demonstrated they are more than just athletes.”

Clay Bohmbach, Nick Dukart, Jim Jeske, Ben Murphy, and Will Albrecht are the Elementary football volunteer coaches. Coach Bohmbach described, “The team had another fun year of learning the fundamentals of football and the importance of safety in the sport.  Theses young athletes had excellent participation throughout the season at practice and at the games.  They showed great sportsmanship representing Killdeer, which we are proud of.  We would like to commend their parents for intriguing their interest to play and supporting them. Thank you to our coaches for volunteering your time coaching this season and giving your dedication to Cowboy Football.  Thank you to all the volunteers that helped out at our home games to make them possible. It was fun to work with this amazing group of players, and I’m glad they were able to have fun and enjoy playing.” It isn’t all about winning, but they did finish the season in 1st place.

Ashley Jelly is the Kids on the Run coach. She stated, “We had 40 runners this year who ran their hearts out. We attended 5 races this season and had a lot of kids finish in some of the top places. We traveled to Dickinson and New Town and hosted our own race on the Golf Course. The highlight of our season was being able to dedicate our races to a Special Olympics Hockey team in Minnesota. Runners were allowed to give up their ribbons instead of keeping them for themselves. We did this because we wanted our athletes to understand that its important to give back to other people and to go out of our way to make others feel special. All in all it was a fun season filled with a lot of hard work and determination. We are extremely proud of our athletes this year!”

Ashlynn Helfrich and Brittany Wheeling are the coaches for the 7th and 8th grade volleyball teams. Coach Helfrich expressed, “The season came to an end on Tuesday, Oct. 3rd. The girls had a successful season, showing lots of improvement from start to finish. The team had a few injuries but remained positive through it all. The season flew by over the last month and a half, but everyone had fun and learned lots. As coaches we enjoy watching the growth through the season and getting to know the girls each and every year.”

Killdeer is extremely fortunate to have so many dedicated coaches, volunteers, and parents. As the summer sports come to a close, the Fall sports are already in full swing.

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