Killdeer volleyball ends record-setting season


Top to bottom and left to right: Hannah Kling, Sydney Andersen, Trae Murray, Chenneth Morlock, Bridgette Reiss, Kylie Boltz, Megan Olson, Brooklyn Bang, Steena Larsen, Elissa Steffan, Faith Dukart, Madison Wilhelm, Chelsey Morlock

Killdeer Varsity Volleyball was riveting this year! The girls were strong, they had excellent teamwork, and incredible talent.
If you were unable to attend, you missed some edge of your seat action, intense plays, and unbelievable performances from these athletes.

By Nicole Nowitzki
With five Seniors ending their high school volleyball careers, it’s time to look at the positions these Cowboys have been playing.
Hannah Kling, Trae Murray, and Chenneth Morlock are Outside Hitters. Their jobs are to hit and block on the front side of the court.
They are usually one of the main passers and go-to hitters. Most often, these girls see quite a bit of action because the ball tends to head their way.
Bridgette Reiss and Sydney Andersen are Middle Blockers. Their jobs are to block the opponent’s hits at the net. They are positioned between the Outside Hitters. These girls usually hit quick sets. They are constantly watching for the opponent’s hitter, and their main goal is to block her. These two girls had height and long arms to their advantage.

Sydney Andersen hits the volleyball to the opposing team, Beach, during the regional tourney.

This team is coached by Allison Steffan and assistant coach James Weber. Their experiences and talent have been amazing for this team.
The players have excelled under their care, and there is no doubt that this will continue in the future.
Coach Steffan spoke fondly of her team saying, “This season was one for the record books. We set a lot of new records that hasn’t been done for a good decade. I am so proud of the team my girls have become. From learning new roles, playing with new people, and playing their hearts out, this group has accomplished amazing things. We are going to miss our five Seniors, but they have taught so much to the younger girls. I cannot wait to see what we accomplish next year. Go Cowboys!”
This season ended on Monday, November 6, with 21 wins and 11 losses (including the tournament games). It is going to be fun to watch their teammates fill their shoes next year. With two record breakers coming up the ranks, it is going to be a wild ride!

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