KPS Flowerbed Get Facelift by 4-H Club

Members of the 4-H Badlanders Club spent an afternoon giving the OWLS (Outdoor Wildlife Learning Site) at the entrance of the school a facelift.

4H Cowboy Garden Badlanders Club

By Pam Kukla 

For the DC Herald

The club received a grant from the NDSU extension office to fund the project.

Jenni Wallace, from the Spring Creek Greenhouse, helped direct the club members on the facelift. The members dug out the scoria previously used and replaced it with mulch. The focus of the project is on container gardening. The members in grades 1st through 10th planted flowers, berries, tomato and cucumber plants as well as a grape vine.

After the club members learn the proper way to plant in containers, students participating in summer programs will take over caring for the plants.

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