Landfills on Agenda Again for Dunn County Commissioners

Orange T-shirts with “We Are Dunn County” filled the room as commissioners again discussed another landfill at last week’s commissioners meeting.

By Pam Kukla

For The DC Herald

The landfill as well as road, food pantry and weed board updates among other items were also on the agenda that day.

The planning and zoning decision to deny or approve the permit for the Big Sky/Green Group landfill wasn’t the first item on the commissioners’ agenda, but the item was the reason for a full room. Commissioner Donna Scott spoke to the group about her concerns about the much discussed matter. She stressed the company had fulfilled all requirements asked of them by the planning and zoning application and was concerned if the matter was taken to court, the county would lose. “If this application is denied and it goes to court the county will lose control over the landfill,” she stressed. Commissioner Daryl Dukart said the county needs a landfill but believed more information is needed. Commissioner Reinhard Hauck echoed Dukart’s statement of more information. Commissioners voted unanimously to deny the permit based on the planning and zoning decision. Big Sky/Green Group can come back before the planning and zoning board in 120 days.

Road project updates were on the agenda and one road project is causing a bit of a problem. Endangered bat habitat has been found and the commissioners had to decide to take down the habitat in Oct. which would put the project on hold until the next year or to pay for a biological study to see if there are actually bats in the habitat. Commissioners Dukart and Bob Kleeman questioned if the habitat could actually be torn down or not, so the decision was tabled until it was clear what the county’s choices were.

Another road discussed was Weirson’s road which leads into Killdeer. The commissioners will be meeting with the Killdeer city commissioners in June to discuss the funding for the road project. The commissioners tabled discussions about cattle guards, easements and liabilities as different projects progress so those items are legal and even for all residents.

Dukart also discussed the Wannamaker road and the need for soil testing on projects. The costs have increased on the project because of the test results. Different soils need different cement mixes which adds to the cost but important for the longevity of the road.

Another item on the agenda was a reclamation plan for a proposed scoria pit. There are two pits on different landowners’ property and there is a concern the plan might not be feasible for their different reclamation ideas. The commissioners decided to table the decision until there was more discussion with the landowners. It was discussed that the planning and zoning board actually go to the site and look at the pits.

Extension Agent Becky Buchmann gave an update on the weed board move and food pantry update. The weed board is in the process of being moved to its new building in Manning. The food pantry has been reorganized and is now open for its new hours.

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  1. Amazing to me that commissioners have money for roads, but cannot provide decent gravel for roads instead of scoria.

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