LaRocque announces candidacy for sheriff

Kenneth (Kenny) LaRocque has announced his candidacy for the Dunn County Sheriff’s race.


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LaRocque has served as a Dunn County Deputy and is a familiar face in and about the Dunn County area. LaRocque and his wife, Laurie, of 33 years love the area and currently reside in Dunn Center. He is 55 and was born and raised in North Dakota.

He has been actively involved in some form of law enforcement for most of his adult life. LaRocque is a North Dakota Licensed Police Officer and has served in Law Enforcement for 16 years. Before working as a Sgt. in the Dunn County Sheriff’s Department; he worked as a seargant in St. John, N.D., and was a deputy sheriff for Rolette County.

LaRocque joined the United States Army and served from 1977-1980 and attaining the rank of seargant, he served in the Infantry and Combat field. During this time, he also trained and is certified in Special Forces Training (Green Beret).

From 1980-1998 he served with the 20th Engineers Brigade at Fort Bragg, N.C. specializing in land mines and booby traps. During this time, he served in Desert Storm and worked with the Individual Ready Reserve. This organization is a Federal and Nationwide reserve group who are called up by a Career Advisor for assignments nationwide. LaRocque was considered a “jack of all trades” within this military field.

One of his assignments was his involvement with the Operation Shuttle Recovery with the Space Shuttle Columbia. He, along with his hand crew, walked beaches and picked up parts and debris from Columbia.

“We picked up parts as small as a stamp and larger,” LaRocque said.

Another unique job for LaRocque was working through FEMA during Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Texas. His assignment was to locate missing people. They visited churches, schools, etc., and were given lists of names to work with.

LaRocque also served on a Drug Enforcement Team for Rolette County.

“We were ‘Eyes in the Sky’ often riding 6000’ in the air and three miles away from our target location and looking through a special scope; you would swear to God we were only on a hill looking over the area,” he said.

In other areas of achievement, said is a Certified Home.

land Security for conducting Border Patrol on the United States and Canadian Border. He is MDI Certified which allows him to teach re-certification classes for deputies in weapons, Taser, radar and instructions. He has completed Active Shooter and has also worked as a Probation Officer.

LaRocque is a member in long standing with the American Legion Club; joining in 1980. Last year he was voted in as an officer for the Lily Deinnon Post 262 in Belcourt, N.D.

LaRocque is not all work and no play. His personality is warm and friendly and he loves to joke around. Besides his wife, he has four grown children and is a proud grandpa to nine grandchildren (five boys and four girls).

He often refers to his grandkids as “his bosses”. His pride in his family is apparent with each tidbit he shares and although he claims he has no favorites; one has to believe they are all his favorites. Having been raised in North Dakota, his hobbies include a great love of being outdoors. He is an avid hunter (bow hunting and predator) and fisherman and claims his only bad habit is shooting pool.

If there is one thing that stands out about LaRocque, it is his ability to help out any person in who is in trouble or has a need they can’t handle alone. His other claim to fame is that he is proud to tell anyone that he does not “drink”. His has been sober for the past 21 years and can frequently be seen with his trusty can of Coke or a Dr. Pepper.

LaRocque will be appearing at the city commission or council meetings in each town and also will be scheduling Town Hall meetings in each community in Dunn County.

If you would like to have him in your area, please contact Maggie Piatz at 701-548-4579.

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2 thoughts on “LaRocque announces candidacy for sheriff

  1. Maggie,
    I always enjoy reading articles of the Dunn County Herald.

    In the LaRocque/Sheriff article, the American Legion is not a “club”, it is a veterans organization.

    I wish you and Leo well….

    Arnie Havelk

  2. I believe that “Kenny” LaRocque will be a great sheriff for Dunn County. He is a fair and logical person with a heart. He will serve the residents of Dunn county with pride and honesty along with a responsible and knowledgeable background. Vote LaRocque for Sheriff!

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