Leanin’ Pole Arena

I have driven passed 749 Hwy 22 Leanin’ Pole Arena in Killdeer many times on my way to Dickinson.

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Samantha Kershinik

For the DC Herald

Finally, today I get the chance to go in and visit with the fine folks of Leanin’ Pole. As I drive up to the beautiful big red building I notice how clean and well appointed everything is. I enter the tack shop and I am greeted by Jackie Entzle with a warm smile and a friendly hand shake. Jackie is just one of the three owners of Leanin’ Pole. Her husband Elvis and son Dustin are co-owners. She introduces me to their adorable grandson Xander and the friendly shop dog Gus.

After we are all properly introduced to one another, Jackie takes me on a tour of the tack shop. Jackie notes that the Leanin’ Pole Arena has over half a million dollars worth of tack on hand at all times. Leanin’ Pole carries about 20 different distributors (A list of which can be found on Leanin’ Poles website: www.leaninpolearena. com). They also specialize in trailers. Jackie tells me that the Platinum trailer made of marine quality aluminum (the same thing that the military uses) is the best of the best. She can offer trade-ins and financing on all of the trailers. She adamantly guarantees “We won’t play the numbers game with you. You will get what you need for the price we say.’’ Any tack that happens to not be on hand can be ordered and received in about 4 days. All tack is sold at a discount from retail price. Jackie assures me that if they don’t have what you are looking for, they are happy to order it for you.

We continue our tour past the indoor stalls and through a large door. I am hit with the sweet smell of hay and earth as we enter into an exceptionally clean and spacious indoor arena. Jackie explains to me that even though tack and trailers are their main focus, they also host trophy finals for barrel racing and rodeo. Jackie tells me that they love to cater to ranchers, leisure riders and barrel racers. Leanin’ Pole wants to create a real relationship with the people who do business there. There is a true family feel to the environment here.

As we exit the indoor arena she goes on to tell me the touching story of how Leanin’ Pole Arena was born and how her son Dustin acquired the leaning pole brand. Jackie’s uncle Jim Peterson was the original owner of the leaning pole brand. Jim unfortunately died of cancer years ago when Dustin was just a child. After his death, his wife Irene decided to hand down the brand to Dustin. Jackie describes a conversation she had with her Aunt Irene years after Leanin’ Pole Arena was built. Jackie said to her aunt Irene “Just imagine how Uncle Jim would feel to know that now people can see his leaning pole brand through out the entire US”. Irene just smiled wide with tears in her eyes. Soon after Dustin graduated from high school he asked Jackie and Elvis if they would be interested in opening the arena. They began by bringing clinicians to Leanin’ Pole for their kids and the rest is history.

Today Leanin’ Pole Arena offers everything from tack and trailers to Horses. They are one of the largest Professional Choice, Equibrand, Bar H, and Fastback Ropes, Dutton Bit dealers in the nation. They also do saddle fittings every day of the week. They have over 40 horses and personally ride everything they sell. Leanin’ Pole has you covered on feed for large animals, dogs and cats. They also offer shots, vaccines, pour, supplements, milk replacer, colostrum, and anything else you might need. They offer wormers and shots for horses such as Flyspray, Vet wrap, Vetrycin and tick powder for cattle. Needless to say, if you are a rancher, barrel racer or just a leisure rider they’ve got you covered. You can browse all of their tack, trailers and horses on the website. New items are constantly being uploaded to their Facebook page. You must call for pricing 701- 764-5636 or 701-260-5504.

At the end of our visit Jackie urges me to direct anybody who is interested in learning more about Leanin’ Pole Arena or the goods that they sell to check out their Facebook page “Leanin’ Pole Arena in Killdeer ND” for updates and exciting give aways offered as often as weekly. This week they gave away a ceramic infused brace for horses to help repair injuries faster that retails at $100! Jackie leaves me with one last fun fact that she hopes will help one of our readers possibly win a prize some day on Leanin’ Poles Facebook page. Back when the arena was being built years ago the contractors in charge of the job decided to take a break and go hunting before the building was completely finished and the tin put on. While the men were gone the wind picked up and the entire arena blew over. To this day, many people think that is the reason behind the name “Leanin’ Pole Arena”. But for those who have read this article you will know that Leanin’ Pole Arena was named for Uncle Jim’s leaning pole brand that was handed down to his beloved nephew. A brand that is now recognized through the entire United States based out of our little town of Killdeer, North Dakota.

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