Letter: Citizens of the city of Killdeer

At a recent City Council meeting a member of the board of the High Plains Cultural Center requested if it was possible that the city could add ½ percent to the city sales tax for them. They were advised of the method that they could follow in order to have a tax raise. We would like you to be aware that the city sales tax is 7% now.
At the time this building was proposed we were assured many times, that it would be self-supporting. They have already received tax money from Dunn County.
You may be asked in the future to vote on this matter. Please consider these facts if a special election is called.
Thank you for your concern.

Submitted by the following concerned citizens:
Larry & Pam Boepple, Bill & Carol Dittman, Toody Haugen, Stanley & Mary Helfrich, Louie & Mary Hurt, Wilma Kling, Gary & Edna Lawhead, Beverly Mittelstadt, Sanda Reinke, Agnes Schwalbe, Jay & Joan Spethman, Kathleen Stroh,  Mary Weidner, Tony & Mickey Wetsch, Jerry & Claudette Yantzer

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