Letter to the editor

What a great event and time for those who attended the Dunn Center event “ Rock in the Bakken Fest” on July 17th. As the estimate for attendance was some place between 1300 -1700 people for the event during the afternoon it was so great to be part of a gathering which allowed many people to take part in some Bakken education, eat many types of different BBQ’s and receive all kinds of free items from the many oil industry venders who participated.
The great entertainment provided but Quinttana Linseth/Biffert, the hard work of Dunn Centers Park Board members, City employee’s and the Dunn Center City Council made this the Great event available to many. The laugher in the air, the sharing of education, visiting the display educational tables watch children play and jump in the castles, bags full of free items and people enjoying food until they had to say “I have had enough” was just what I hoped for as I started the process of asking for this event a couple of years ago.
I tip my hat and say a big Thank You to all who attended, those who worked the event, North Dakota Petroleum Council, Marathon Oil Company and Dunn Center City Council. Together we have provided another great event in the year of 2014 for Dunn County resident, State leaders, several USDA HUD representatives, and out of state individuals.
Thank you,
Reyne and Daryl Dukart

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