Letter to the Editor

To Whom It May Concern:

We The Dunn County Fair Association/High Plains Cultural Center Board hold the culture of this community in highest regard; in fact the recognition and preservation of our history and culture is the purpose of our mission.

We are aware that the Killdeer Saddle Club hosts the oldest PRCA rodeo in the State of the North Dakota as they host other events as well. For that reason The Dunn County Fair Association/ High Plains Cultural Center Board Members would like to make clear that we respect and honor all past and present members who have contributed to the life and spirit of the rodeo club. This also includes members and supporters of the High Plains Cultural Center.

With that in mind, we have composed this letter to inform our readers, and to address some of the concerns that have been raised regarding funding and operations for the High Plains Cultural Center.

The perception is that the Killdeer Saddle Club held the gaming at the Dog House in Manning, which in fact was held by the Dickinson American Legion. The American Legion gave up the gaming in Manning, The owner of The Dog House reached out to the DCFA/HPCC and offered it to us. The saddle club did not presently have gaming in the Dog House bar in Manning.

The owner of the 2 &7/8 had been wanting a blackjack table in their establishment. The Killdeer Saddle Club was unable to provide blackjack for the 2&7/8. HPCC holds a license and the owner of 2&7/8 approached HPCC knowing that they had a gaming license. The fact is that a business can host only one license at a time. HPCC felt they could provide this request, so the Saddle Club losing the gambling site at the 2&7/8 bar is due to the fact that the owner wanted to be able to offer his customers blackjack and the saddle club could not provide it.

Killdeer Saddle club still hosts two of the three gambling sites The Buckskin Bar and Grill, and DC Pub and Grub.

The center was not designed to be a gymnasium, but a multi-purpose center. Our facility has hosted weddings, funerals, dances, dance classes, exercise classes, safety meetings, trainings, gun safety classes, fair events, sports practices, movie nights, banquets, church events, July 4th events, oil company meetings, and card parties. Recently the State High School Rodeo Association members utilized the HPCC for an evening of basketball, volleyball and dancing before the rodeo on May 8th.

Concerning the lack of locker rooms and showers, we would have liked to build a bigger center, but the simple truth is that the decision was made to provide a building to accommodate the needs of a multi-purpose center to the best of the board members ability with the funds that were available.

Last of all, the HPCC kitchen was designed to serve those in the community. Many in the community have utilized the kitchen. We want to make clear that the kitchen facility is not available for only one individual to use. For example, The Hilltop Home of Comfort used the kitchen for their Annual Steak Fry, KMM Christmas Party was catered by Mulligans of Dickinson. Killdeer Cenex held their Christmas party there with their employees preparing the meal using the kitchen. Other groups have used our kitchen such as the Killdeer FFA, the Fine Arts Program, the Killdeer School hosted the Athletic Banquet at the center. Potlucks and weddings parties have used the facility with their own caterers. Rental rates are available for kitchen use.

Century code allows for 1 mill levy to support the county fair association, and those are the only tax dollars that have been received.

There are no personal mortgages attached to any outstanding loans at the HPCC.

In closing, as Board Members of DCFA/ HPCC, thank you for allowing us to hopefully clear up some of the confusion that has taken place, and also let members of our community know that everyone is welcomed to this community facility at any time. If there are any further questions please feel free to stop or call at 764-6533.

Thank You.


Board Members of the

Dunn County Fair Association &

High Plains Cultural Center

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