Letter to the Editor

The Killdeer Saddle Club members would like to clarify the article that was printed in last week’s Dunn County Herald and to let everyone know what the club’s intentions are going forward. Due to limited space and parking at our current rodeo ground location, the Killdeer Saddle Club has been looking for an alternate location for some time. The club is in the process of purchasing 40 acres along the Killdeer bypass and have plans to start on the ground work and utilities this fall. Since the club was unable to host the Killdeer High school Rodeo this last year, we would like to have everything moved to the new location by next May, so we can host the high school rodeo again along with our other events.

The saddle club does not have the additional funds to upgrade the buildings or the arena at this time. The club could obtain a loan to do the improvements, however the members decided to not take on any debt and use what we have until funds become available. As the club has the ability to fund additional improvements, we would like to upgrade the buildings, and at some point add a covered grandstand and an indoor arena.

The Killdeer Saddle Club is a 504(c)(4) non-profit organization and is accepting any kind of help or donations towards the new rodeo grounds. Donation accounts have been set up at American Bank Center and First International Bank in Killdeer. If anyone has any questions or concerns regarding the Killdeer Saddle Club and its future plans, please contact me directly.

Killdeer Saddle Club, Inc.

Tim Steffan, President

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