Letter to the Editor

Prior to changes made this past year, Dunn County land use code used to include the following ordinance pertaining to Special Waste Landfills:

By Curt Kralicek
The conditional use permit wil be valid for a period of time set by the county commissioners. For the permit to be approved, Sixty percent(60%) of all property owners within one half (1/2) mile of the proposed location must approve of the proposed facility.


The County Code has been changed and makes it difficult for landowners’ to have a say in where landfill facilities are to be placed.


In order to have the County Code reinstated to give landowners back the chance to weigh in on landfill locations, Dunn County residents need to support amending Code back to what it was before. Approval of this amendment must be made initially by the Dunn County planning and zoning board. After passage at the planning and zoning board level, approval can then be made by the Dunn County board of commissioners.


If the Code is amended, all landowners within a half mile of the project would have the right to protect their property from detriment resulting from a proposed landfill. We landowners who will have to live next to this type of facility should have the right to decide what will affect our farms and ranches.


This item is on the agenda of the Dunn County planning and zoning board meeting scheduled for March 10th at 7:00 pm at the Dunn County Courthouse.



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