Letter: ‘We lost a little more freedom…’

We all lost a little more Freedom the other day. 

Posted August 2, 2013

In yet another act of government coercion the USDA and director Tom “Monsanto” Vilsack did something most thought was a joke a year ago.

In another public private rule they mandated a checkoff on Christmas Tree Producers. That’s right, they want to help get more of those combustible trees in our homes across America.

If the USDA has the same effect on tree sales per capita as they had on Consumption of Beef, the tree boys will be going backwards fast.  It’s the old “we’re the government and we’re here to help you” syndrome.  Same verse, different song.

Unlike beef producers, the Christmas tree people will be able to pass on their new tax to the consumers.

I think I’ll start a few trees myself.  I wonder what Christmas Tree Policemen will look like?

Thought for the day: My best interests vs. your good intentions? NO CONTEST.


Dennis Drayton

Lemmon, SD

And the Campaign to end the BEEF CHECKOFF

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