Local Couple Want to Create Something Special for the Community

The 24 hour gym has been on Killdeer’s main street for a couple of years and last year Cody and Jessica Buehner bought it with the idea of making it something special for the community.

Cody and Jessica Buehner stand in  the newly renovated Stay Fit 24 hour gym.

By Pam Kukla

For The DC Herald

They renamed it Stay Fit.

The Buehners purchased the gym in August last year and started remodeling. They added more free weights and cardio areas. The couple also added more lighting in the gym that stays on 24 hours and added more lights outside. “It’s really lit up,” said Cody.

Last month they added a security system with a grant from JDA. “You can really feel safe when working out,” added Jessica. There is a security camera at the entrance of the gym and in the gym itself. Cody said the cameras can be accessed anywhere, even on their phones so they are always monitored.

They are redesigning the front door so it can be used to exit, but not entered when there is no staff on hand. “There is a second exit in case someone doesn’t feel comfortable and wants to leave,” Jessica added. The gym is open 24 hours but has staffed hours on Mon. 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Wed. and Fri. 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. with appointments available. The Buehners stressed how they want gym members to know their safety was a big priority when remodeling. They said several police officers are members and keep an eye out on the gym. “The members keep an eye out on the gym. There is a community feeling about it,” added Cody.

Besides safety features, the Buehners also have a new fob system. The members use a key fob that enters their name, day and time of the workout. This helps with record keeping. Insurance companies Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Sanford give discounts on insurance based on working out and this system does the tracking for the members.

The couple listened to members and rearranged the gym and added more equipment. They moved the free weights and added more weights as well as kettle bells. Jessica also researched different companies and has added protein shakes and health supplements for customer to purchase. They have been talking to member to see what they would like to have in the gym. “If they aren’t happy, nobody’s happy,” added Cody.

The Buehners see much potential in the gym. “We have more plans then we know what to do with,” said Jessica. “We want to make it special for the community, a real benefit. It’s awesome for people to have a place to go beside the bar or going to Dickinson to work out,” added Cody.

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