Local School Children Planting the Seeds of the Future at Earth Day Celebration

Braelyn Wasem handed Christmas to elementary school students from Killdeer and Halliday as part of the Dunn County Soil Conservation District’s Earth Day program.

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By Staff Writer

For the DC Herald

Wasem, a kindergarten student and daughter of Soil Conservation District technician Jolynn Wasem, handed out Douglas Fir seedlings to 250 students in preschool through third grade who participated in the Earth Day program. The students visited the district’s Aboretum and learned about trees, how they are planted, how they grow and how to care for them.

“This year we gave them a Douglas Fir, because you can use it as a Christmas tree. They can grow their own Christmas tree,” said Kaylee Stein, a technician with the Soil Conservation District.

Millions of schoolchildren and their teachers took part in similar program across the country, taking part in education, civic, and outdoor programs that teach them about the importance of clean air and water, how to begin a lifelong practice of civic participation, and experience the wonders of nature.

“We were celebrating Earth Day,” said Stein. “Our theme this year was why we need trees.”

In addition to hosting the students from Killdeer and Halliday, the conservation district travelled to Twin Buttes to talk to children there.

Nationally, Earth Day has been celebrated for 46 years. The Dunn County Soil Conservation District has been working with local students for years.

As part of the program, the district also engaged the students in a coloring contest. Paper bags were provided to the students where they could design original art.

The paper bags from the Killdeer students were donated to Hinrich’s Super Valu grocery store in Killdeer for use instead of plastic bags, Stein said.

A winner from each grade level from each school were selected, Stein said.

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