Lots of activity at High Plains Culture Center

There has been a lot of activity at the High Plains Culture Center this past week.

activity at center

Posted 11/01/13

Photo by Pat Ratliff/Dunn County Herald

You may have noticed volunteers completing some exterior rock work and stucco at the front entrance.

Outside, things are happening also. The needed steps to complete the parking lot and sidewalks are also underway.

Heavy gumbo soil is being removed before special soil will be used as fill to accommodate the concrete.

A pre-bid date will soon be set for either Nov. 17 or 18. The pre-bid is an opportunity for contractors to preview the plans, site, interior finishing and furnishings.

The bid request will be in many broad area newspapers and the bids will be opened on Dec. 15, time and place to be set.

The Dunn County Fair Board and the building committee would like to express a sincere thank you to the families and individuals who have made donations recently – some even second time donations.

If you would, consider making a donation or pledging a donation over a period of time. Every source does make the future loan sources much less difficult.

All donations can be sent to Terrald Bang, Dunn County Fair Board, President; or David Twist, Dunn County Fair Board, Treasurer.

You will be passing a wonderful treasure to future generations and honoring the past families in Dunn County.


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