If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life…

On a daily basis I get to promote and do what I love which is work in health and wellness. I have been most fortunate to have met many others who are in this same field and who also share my passion for helping people achieve goals and live better.

By James Mousseau

Parks and Recreation Director

City of Killdeer

In fact, most recently, I spoke with a nurse, who wanted to stay anonymous because she isn’t supposed to support what she does, who talked with me at length about eating a diet that was plant based. This of course went against what her profession teaches. We both laughed because if everyone was healthy she would be out of a job. Yet is it not the Hippocratic oath that promotes well-being at no cost or judgement simply because it is the job of every human to care for every human? I suppose I could be wrong. Which would not be the first time. With the battle in our nation for health care causing some pretty big rifts I can’t help but wonder what is next. I felt bad for that nurse after we spoke. She told me she constantly gets feedback and ribbing for her view and stance. She has even been threatened with termination! She is a graduate of North Dakota State University and with degrees in diet and certifications in holistic medicines, she certainly has the knowledge. For someone in the health care field to be criticized by other health care professionals because she is helping people in a less profitable way is sad. I also walked away with a greater sense of purpose in terms of helping people. Education, I have always felt, is the key to anything. That is the teacher in me coming out I suppose. In the end I look at my 94 year old grandmother and how she is living. Grandma comes from what feels like another time and another world. Since 1990 we have had medical and technological breakthroughs that are both profound and enormous in their capabilities. Yet here is my grandmother, who when she was younger, lived off a solid diet of lard sandwiches and carried milk in metal pails. She lived off the land, cooked for a large family nutritious meals and worked every day of her life. Grandma is healthy, still living on the farm just north of the Killdeer Mountains. My grandmother reads health magazines, mostly to pass the time I think and to keep her mind sharp. I was amazed to find out that grandma had cut sugars, processed sugars, out of her diet and in fact got healthier. It was a testament to her will power. That older generation is just tougher. I like to think I am tough as nails, but if I am tough as nails, the previous generation is tough as diamonds. Grandma sometimes shares what she learns in those health magazines. I always walk away with a smile. She is taking care of people; she gets it. She isn’t a nurse or a doctor, but I listen, knowing full well her promotion of health and wellness is a gift. One that I intended to pass on also. Live Well.

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