Dunn Center celebrates St. Patty’s


For the DC Herald

 Posted March 28, 2014

From all the smiling faces, it was plain to see that fun was had by many March 22 during the annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Dunn Center.

This year a pie social was held at city hall and sponsored by the Senior Strutters of Dunn Center, who served many difference kinds of pies and wraps.

Popular storyteller, cowboy poet and columnist Dean Meyer met with people at the Dunn Center Historical Museum.

The annual parade, which flooded the city’s roads with green, was held and began at the church parking lot.

Despite the cold temperatures, many people turned out for Dunn Center’s annual event.

The traditional Irish meal of corned beef and cabbage accompanied plentiful salads and desserts at the DC Pub & Grub bar and sponsored by the Dunn Center Fire District.

The Blue Ribbon Band travelled from Beulah to perform at the eatery.

The Strutters are a social group that meets once a month to play cards, catch a movie or go to the Medora Musical, they meet the first Sunday of each month from September to May, with their next meeting April 6.

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