Many honored at Killdeer FFA banquet

Award banquets are a time for organizations to highlight the achievements and success of the students from throughout the year. The Killdeer FFA Awards banquet was held on March 27 at the High Plains Cultural Center. It was an excellent banquet that awarded some of the top members and also starred guest speakers.

Special guests in attendance were North Dakota State FFA officers: Colbey Steeke, Stetson Ellingson, and Killdeer’s Matt Stroh.

Stroh delivered a welcome on behalf of the North Dakota State FFA Association and gave a short snippet of what FFA has done for him.

Killdeer was also honored with another special guest, Claire Endres, who served as the 2015-16 North Dakota State FFA president. She delivered a very motivational message on “going the extra mile.”

The banquet allows for the chapter to highlight achievements and accomplishments of the members.

First, the new chapter greenhands were recognized. The Greenhand FFA Degree is typically bestowed upon freshmen members. Students receiving this recognition were: Daylon Danks, Dale Chinn, Dayne Fredericks, Cale Fredericks, and Brooklynn Reiss.

The chapter also recognized those receiving the Chapter FFA Degree. This degree is typically bestowed upon sophomore FFA members. Students receiving this honor were: Karly Bang, Kylee Boltz, Iris Dukart, Payton Pavlenko, Zane Pittsley, and Ryan Zastoupil.

The next member awards given were to the “Top” FFA members in their respective career development events. The chapter recognized the Top Fundraiser Person, this award went to Rachel Knopik. The other Top Judger awards were: Top Agronomy Judger – Knopik, Top Livestock Judger – Katelin Chinn, and Top Ag. Salesperson – Lily McFadden.

The next awards given were the Star Awards. These awards highlight students who have developed an outstanding Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) and FFA involvement. The Star Greenhand award is given to a freshman member who is developing a promising SAE and is actively involved in FFA. The 2017 Chapter Star Greenhand was Dale Chinn.

Chapter Star in Agricultural Placement goes to a member whose SAE is working for a business or at home on the farm/ranch. This year’s recipient was Katelin Chinn. The Chapter Star is Agribusiness is given to a member who has developed a business as their SAE. This year’s recipient was Ty Truchan. The final Star Award goes to an individual whose SAE is focused on production agriculture. The 2017 Chapter Star Farmer is Colby Dukart.

The final award given that highlights student achievement is the DeKalb Accomplishment Award. This award goes to an individual who is high achieving both scholastically and committed to FFA success and achievement. This year’s recipient was Lily McFadden.

The final awards given were the retiring officer plaques. The 2016-17 Killdeer FFA Officer Team: Chaplain – Liam McFadden, Historian – Lily McFadden, Parliamentarian- Cate Fredericks, Sentinel – Colby Dukart, Reporter – Iris Dukart, Treasurer – Katelin Chinn, Secretary – Katelynn Lane, Vice President – Lily McFadden, and President – Shayly Brew.

This year the chapter also added a new fundraiser that took place at the end of the banquet. This was a Labor Auction. Members could pair up or go as an individual. Matt Stroh performed his auctioneer skills as numerous members were auctioned off for an eight-hour workday. This proved to be a fun an excellent fundraiser for the chapter.

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