Mommie Moments

You may have watched the Luv’s diaper commercials that hysterically depict the differences between your first child and second child.


Mix that neurotic new mindset with moving to a new place, ‘in the middle of nowhere,’ and starting a new life that plants your roots for this new little family, in order to end a transient lifestyle. It feels isolating. It feels so new that you start to second guess the decision you painstakingly made with your spouse to quit his stable job because you didn’t want to move your child around the country.

It is hard to make the decision to officially move away from family and friends with the idea that this will be forever. Sometimes, you yearn for that normalcy and the glory days back. Then, out of nowhere, you meet your first friend, and it changes everything. You know that this new person is your first glimpse at the new community that you volunteered to join. All at once, it hits you… this is my new home!

Once you stop to smell the roses and notice that these red dirt roads are not just fictitious things found only in country songs, but they are so amazing and beautiful, and they contain the most loving, compassionate, hardworking, selfless people you’ve ever known; you start to imagine these wonderful characteristics rubbing off on your children as they grow. That’s the moment that you start to overcome some of the separation anxiety and welcome change.

While making new friends, starting a new job, and making an apartment a home, try not to get pregnant with twins, possibly triplets, while you are in the middle of this overhaul. You want to talk about throwing a monkey wrench into your new-fangled plans; it’s like opening a real life barrel of monkeys into your 300 square foot apartment. You start having all of these brand new feelings: what if…, I’m starting over, there goes my career, now I will have to stay at home because I want to raise them… Let the tailspin of unnecessary, irrational thoughts begin. I hope everyone has their tray tables in the upright and locked position because it’s about to get bumpy.

After months of aggravating the local realtor to the point that she is probably considering changing her phone number, she found it. The one singular house on the market, and it’s perfect. Finally, there is peace in your heart knowing that your beautiful, first born child will no longer be sleeping in the closet of your tiny apartment, and he will have his own room. Plus, your husband will only be working one block from your new house. It’s all going to work out well!

As you are getting everything finalized to make this party of three a party of five, they come almost six weeks early. After twenty of the most eye-opening days of your life spent in the NICU, you can’t wait to take these big blue eyed bundles of joy home. You are scared to death, but it’s time to make this new variety of crazy your life.

Nicole Nowitzki is a stay-at-home mom who enjoys photography.

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