Mommy Moments

While speaking with someone recently about Mommy Moments, she inquired about how I come up with the topics. I giggled and explained that whatever is on my mind when I sit down to type becomes the topic.

By Nicole Nowitzki

I usually type in the early morning, at nap, or after bedtime, so I usually have a plethora of topics trying to spew out of my mind at the same time. Typically, I open an additional blank document in order to organize all of my random thoughts. Then, I sat down to type this week, and I had nothing!

This week, I feel overwhelmed. My hands are shaking at the thought of the amount of stuff on my to-do list today, but that’s pretty typical.

It’s okay to feel that way. As a mother, it is okay to feel a million different emotions within a five minute time period. It only becomes a problem when we are constantly consumed with desperation and feeling like we’re drowning.

Sometimes, I feel that moms are afraid to ask for help. We are only human, but we feel as though we have something to prove. We don’t need to prove anything to our friends or family, we just need to do what we feel is best for the health, happiness, and safety of our children.

Sometimes that means making every meal from scratch, giving them organic fruits and veggies for snacks, and doing some Pinterest activity with them. Then, there are days like today where we will probably be eating frozen pizza for lunch, eating breakfast bars for snack, and free playing all day, and that’s okay.

When one of my sons spills a drink (for the third time today), I should use it as a learning experience, but instead, I got upset and explain that they need to pay more attention next time.

When the boys started fighting over a toy, I should be patient and work it through with them, but I sent one of them to their room, and tell the other one to get over it without even taking the time to see what happened. Like I said, today is a frozen pizza kind of day.

In my opinion, I only really need to prove myself to God, and I believe that He knows what’s in my heart, yet after having children, I have been feeling very distant. You would think that I would be even closer and more grateful, but I feel distracted and forgetful. I always thank Him for the good things (in passing), but I have somehow put the relationship and guidance part on the backburner.

Going to church with my four boys feels like some sort of torture. I can’t hear or pay attention to anything going on at church, so I feel a huge disconnect. I am so worried about keeping them quiet that all substance is lost.

I was speaking with a friend the other day, and she explained that she feels as though she didn’t get anything out of the service for almost ten years, but she refused to send her children to children’s church because she wanted them to learn how to sit in church.

Another friend said that she didn’t even go to church when her oldest three were small unless her mother in law was able to watch them. I needed to hear that the struggle is real.

I pray that my children won’t remember my off days. I hope they remember the love, happiness, traditions, and life lessons.

Remember, it’s okay to feel off, depressed, and upset now and then, but if we get ourselves into a funk, we need to reach out and talk to someone. Whether we need someone to just listen or tell us that they are in the same boat, this is an important facet of friendship, and we all need a bestie to pick us up when we are down.

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