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When dreaming about your childhood, you may have fond memories of your favorite pet. To some, that may mean a cat or dog, but to others, that could have a hundred different meaning. When you are a child, you remember the friendship, fun, and playtime, but your parents may have a completely different definition of this animal.

By Nicole Nowitzki
As parents, we can dream about all of the bonding moments our children will have, but ultimately, a two-year-old isn’t going to take a dog for a walk when it’s 20 degrees outside, and a three-year-old isn’t going to be scooping the litter box.
Whether it is scrubbing an aquarium, breaking down a cage, taking long, cold walks, or cleaning up after “potty trained” animals, parents are getting the brunt of the work.
They always say that what goes around comes around.
In this case, for all of the pets you begged, pleaded, and cried for, it’s payback.
Recently, we got this absolutely adorable dog. My children loved him, and I couldn’t wait for them to have their very first dog best friend! Then, the dog had some serious issues, he wasn’t ready for adoption, and we had to send the dog back for further help.
My kids were devastated, and I was left to pick up the pieces when
I thought I was making such a well thought out decision. It is amazing that within such a short time, they made such a connection with the pup, and now they miss him. My husband and I didn’t know what to do, and then, God intervened.
My husband called me frantic. He found an injured, starving kitten that had been dumped in the middle of nowhere. He wanted to know what he should do with this tiny kitten, and of course, we both decided to bring it home.
I was worried because I didn’t know the state of this little baby, and I didn’t want my children to get attached to another cat that we would ultimately lose, nor did I think I could handle it, but we gave it a try. He told me that this kitten climbed a 20-foot ladder to assure that he wasn’t going to leave him and rode on his shoulder the whole way home.
My husband was hooked, but how would this kitten act around our four, small, rambunctious children?
This tiny, sick, injured little baby instantly became one of the boys. The cat was running under their feet, allowing them to pet, touch, and handle it, and loving every second. My twins have always had severe anxiety around animals, yet they have never once had a bad experience. However, when they saw this sweet kitten, they were full of smiles and giggles. God knew exactly what we needed. As parents, we always give until it hurts, but sometimes, it’s nice to see instant gratification.
Watching your children chase a hamster in a ball, tell you all of the fascinating facts about a lizard, and listening to them try to teach their parrot how to talk is so rewarding. It brings back all of the warm fuzzies we had as children, and we are glad they are making their own special memories.
I’m thankful for this new member of our family, and I’m not really that heartbroken about cleaning another litter box because I hope they love their new friend.
It will not be their last, but it’s cool to have them start from scratch with one that will grow up alongside them. Remember, when your husband tells you that an animal is a girl and you name it something cutesy like Baby, the vet will always tell you that it’s a boy! Yep, another boy!

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