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With Thanksgiving approaching, I have been getting sentimental about the upcoming celebrations.
There are so many wonderful traditions to share with family and friends.

By Nicole Nowitzki
Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday to visit with family, eat together, and enjoy quality time.
We are lucky to host at our home, but sometimes getting away can be a fun event to look forward to all year.
I think Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to start this wonderful season because it is a time to reflect on all of the blessings you’ve been given. Spending time reflecting is important. The most important thing on this planet is people. They cannot be replaced, so recognizing their value before it’s too late is extremely vital.
Teaching children to be thankful is harder than it may seem.
Today is filled with instant gratification and consumerism, so how can we prevent them from turning into materialistic, selfish brats? Also, teaching children of all ages to be present in communication and learn how to be happy surrounded by people is extremely difficult.
Children are surrounded by technology.
Whether they are handed a cellphone, game, or cartoon, they no longer live in reality.
This escape is causing them to be removed, unempathetic, and overly emotional because they have not learned how to have personal relationship skills along the way. This season is the perfect opportunity to come back together and reconnect.
There is not a specific date to start decorating for Christmas. If decorate at all, some start the day after Halloween, Thanksgiving weekend, the 1st of December, or Christmas Eve. The best part of decorating is sharing these memories with the kids.
Someone with ornament OCD will have a few difficult years of rearranging the ornaments the little ones have pulled off the tree, but if you’re me, you only put special ornaments on the top half of the tree and look away as the kids put the rest of the ornaments on one singular bottom branch.
It doesn’t look pretty, but they sure are proud of themselves.
However you do it, try to make joy and happiness part of the season.
If everything is done begrudgingly, that’s what they will remember. I always remember adults being so stressed about the holidays.
People I didn’t even know were giving money to the bell ringers, and then they would walk into a store and beat each other up over a Tickle Me Elmo. It is a bizarre mix of emotions, but actions speak louder than words.
Share love, generosity, and kindness the entire season.
Whether teaching them to donate goods or time, hold the door for strangers, lend a helping hand, or loving their neighbor, let’s all come together to make this season merry and bright.
Remember, traditions don’t have to be old. Traditions that are created with your specific family in mind are just as important as things you did as a child.
Sometimes, our situations and circumstances prevent us from having things go exactly as we would want, but it isn’t about spending money on each other…it’s about spending time with each other.
I wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving filled with love and delicious food!

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