Mommy Moments

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, this letter is for you.

Angel baby moms, people may not even know that you have this hurt in your heart, but please know that you are loved. May God heal your heart, and if it is part of His will, I pray that you will become a rainbow mommy. You’re doing a great job!

Trying to be a mom, I appreciate that you haven’t throat punched the most recent person to ask you, “So, when are you going to start having kids?” I’m sorry that you are struggling, and I hope God blesses you with a child. You’re doing a great job!

Expectant moms, you have a room, a name, and perfectly folded clothes, but you are anxiously awaiting the birth. All of your sickness, aches, and pains will be worth it when you hold that tiny miracle in your arms! You’re doing a great job!

First time moms, I know you are overwhelmed! Thank you for trying so hard to make sure your child is cared for and loved. I know that your life is upside down right now, but I promise that you will get yourself into a rhythm. You’re doing a great job!

Multi-children moms, we see you, superheroes, loading up the van to take your children to participate in different activities. Thank you for trying so hard to plan outings when it seems impossible and insignificant. You’re doing a great job!

Step-moms, thank you for being selfless enough to love someone else’s child like they are your own. They are lucky to have you in their lives! You’re doing a great job!

Adoption moms, you are giving love and life to a child that needs a family. You stepped in to let them know that they are wanted. I hope you know that you are an angel on Earth! You’re doing a great job!

Single moms, thank you for working so hard to provide for your children! You deserve awards for your strength and devotion. I hope you know how much your children appreciate you! You’re doing a great job!

Working moms, whether you are the one that wakes them up, gets everyone ready, makes breakfast, and chauffeurs everyone to daycare, or if you are helping your husband with chores on the ranch and have to pull double duty during calving season, you are a rock star! You have to juggle so many hats, yet you hold a tinge of guilt. Don’t worry because your children know that you are amazing, and they are lucky to have someone that can go with the flow as well as you. You’re doing a great job!

Stay at home moms, perhaps you are putting a career on hold, or you have waited your entire life to raise children, it is hard work, but it’s worth the struggle. Whether you stay home for one, five, or eighteen years, it is a blessing. You’re doing a great job!

Grandmas, if you have been promoted, you have a large responsibility. You’re supposed to unconditionally love and spoil your babies, babies. Remember, you do get to send them home. You’re doing a great job!ther you are one or all of the above, one thing is for sure, you are loved, you are noticed, and you are appreciated. Thank you for being there for your children, loving them, and making them feel special. One of these days, they are going to realize the sacrifice you made to make their lives great! Happy Mother’s Day!

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