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Are you making New Year’s resolutions this year? Maybe we can work together to support each other.

By Nicole Nowitzki
I’m not talking about doing crazy, extra things to make us nuts, I’m talking about going with a friend to a workout class, donating old clothes or toys to someone that might need or want them, inviting someone over for a simple lunch playdate, or anonymously giving a $5 gift card to another mommy.
As mothers, we are unbelievably busy, but we need to keep our eyes and hearts open. If we see a mom that is struggling or needs help, we should offer to help. We always hear about paying it forward, but it is usually to perfect strangers.
Don’t get me wrong, I understand that the point is to do something kind without getting praise or acknowledgment, but why can’t we share this love with the people we know?
Why can’t we offer to make a meal, offer to take the older kids to the park so that the new mom can get some sleep, or make something homemade just to help a first-time mom feel like a real person again?
I am very fortunate that my husband is an outstanding father. He tries to give me a free day to go to town by myself and have some peace and quiet.
However, what about the moms that are pulling double duty because dad is not in the picture, or he’s travels for his job?
It is hard working several jobs and/or going to college while raising children. You are making a sacrifice, but what happens when you are completely depleted?
What happens when you have nothing left to give, but you still try to give 100%?
We need to be there for each other! We need to make a few frozen pizzas, put on a movie, and invite over their kids so they can get caught up around the house, go to the store alone, or sit in their own silent house for a few hours.
You may have heard about the mother of five (Tisha) taking in her neighbor (Audrey’s) children when she found out she had stage two esophageal and stomach cancer. They hardly knew each other, yet they both did what they thought would be best for these children.
Tisha and her husband didn’t think twice. Ultimately, when Audrey passed away, Tisha and her husband became their legal guardians.
They were already struggling to make ends meet, but she put herself in Audrey’s shoes. Tisha had been raised in an orphanage, and she didn’t want to see these children separated or passed around from foster to foster.
Her strength is a testimony to everyone. We can help each other; even when we feel like we can barely help ourselves.
On the other hand, we can’t always put ourselves last. Sometimes, we must accept the help. When grandma offers to take the kids, let her.
When your friend offers to make dinner, say, “Thank you!”.
It is nice to be humble, but try not to be too proud to take something that you may really need. It takes a lot of strength to allow others to help.
Sometimes, you feel like you can and should handle it on your own, but that can eventually make us tired, resentful, and burned out.
2018 can be the start of a new trend. Let’s be there for ourselves and each other this year!
While we are thinking about a resolution, please consider what we can do for the other mothers in our lives, and we should try to strive for real, tangible goals for ourselves.
Whether you want to get a membership to the local gym, get a much-needed massage, plan a day without the kids, or take a parents or friends only vacation, it’s okay to put yourself first occasionally.
Remember, if we are not taking care of our own mental, physical, and overall health, what are we teaching our children?

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