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I was reading a story the other day, and the main idea was that when we were growing up, we knew that our parents were number one. We were quiet and waited while they were talking, we were taught to be respectful and kind to adults, held doors, and understood that there is a certain level of decency that you needed to uphold around elders.

By Nicole Nowitzki

A remember seeing a poll on the news a few months back, and it explained that today’s parents typically say that their children are the most important members of the family.
I vividly remember going to my father’s parents’ house each holiday. This was very special because that side of the family is extremely large, and I loved spending time with all my cousins. It was a well-known rule that if you were not sixteen years old, you were not allowed in the kitchen after dinner. My grandparents had a handmade poker table, and they would have a blast playing cards and visiting. We would play in the living room, play outside, or swim.
We could go to the threshold if there was something that we needed, but it had better be important.
Calendars were cleared for these parties, but something changed. My cousins and I were talking about this several years ago. When we were finally old enough to be allowed in the kitchen, the rule was no longer very strict.
Our older cousins were holding babies on their laps, some of the aunts, uncles, and cousins weren’t there, and eventually, the card games and parties ended. I feel like that is a perfect representation of our society today. Things changed quickly, but for some reason, no one noticed, so it became permanent.
I always knew that my parents had a firm answer for everything.
I never even thought that changing their mind or trying to manipulate the situation were even options.
Now, my four-year-old can give me a well-versed speech about why he needs to wear his tennis shoes instead of his boots. Where did he learn to behave that way?!
I am my mother’s oldest child. I’m eight years older than my brother and fourteen years older than my sister. There was a shift happening with parenting when my brother was born.
He got away with a lot more than me, but I still had the same rules as before. Then, when my sister was born, the rules were gone. My three-year-old sister would sneak out of her room at 10:30 at night and ask me to get her some ice cream because she didn’t eat her dinner. I would yell at her about her dinner and send her back to bed.
Five minutes later, she would walk by me with a smirk and a bowl of ice cream. Did I seriously get schooled by a three-year-old??? What just happened?!
I thought it was just my family, but my friends noticed it, too. I think we were the last generation to know that we were not number one. I started to noticed children behaving differently in public. They were disrespectful, rude, and whiny. My parents would have taken me to the bathroom had I acted even half as awful.
Twenty years later, I’m shaking my head. Parents are stressed to the max! Kids are spaced out, filled with anxiety, and depressed, and society has gotten weaker.
I personally feel that the fall of our society was in 1992 when a woman spilled hot coffee on herself, sued McDonald’s, and was awarded $3 million. We are now a bunch of sue happy brats, and we are raising entitled children to believe that the world owes them something.
My biggest fear is that I’m going to raise my children “the old-fashioned way”, and they are going to have culture shock in the real world.
Remember, we are in charge in our home. No matter what is going on around us, our home has our rules. All we can do is build a strong foundation and hope they take the reins and ride down the noble path.

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