Mommy Moments

Thinking back to the 50’s, if you imagined a mom, you’d think of June Cleaver from Leave It to Beaver. Most mothers from the era were perfectly dressed, had on their apron, and always looked like they had their homes and lives in order.

By Nicole Nowitzki

If you were asked what a mom looked like today, everyone would have a differing answer.

Biggest Fan Moms are sitting in their bleacher seat, have on face paint, and are wearing a custom, school-pride shirt. They are usually yelling their child’s name from the stands. They try to make every game no matter how far they have to drive.

Martha Stewart Moms make the most awesome meals from scratch, and they show up to an event with something that looks like it came straight off of Food Network. Their stash of recipes is so big, they need an entire cabinet for cookbooks, print outs, and cards.

Rubber Glove Moms have floors you can eat off, bathrooms that sparkle, and carpet so clean that you’d think it was brand new. It is a priority to make sure their home is immaculate in case anyone were to stop by unexpectedly.

DIY Moms are making shirts, fixing everything with some sort of ‘life hack’, reupholstering the couch, destress their latest yard sale find, and still have time to make a seasonal wreath for their front door. They make everything look easy, and nothing is ever a Pinterest fail.

Supermodel Moms always have perfect makeup, hair, and clothes. Usually their children are also dressed to the nines and others wonder how they do it.

Fitness Moms are always posting pictures of their latest workout routine, workout room, or their children working out with them. Plus, they look like they could be on the cover of Fitness magazine.

Rolled-Out-of-Bed Moms have no problem going out in public with pajama pants, a t-shirt, and a ponytail. They don’t really care what anyone thinks, and they are thankful their child is fed, clean, and at school on time.

Volunteer Moms are at every function with snacks, art supplies, and a Mary Poppins bag filled with interesting things. They are on committees, help at school, and try to always have their child involved in as many things as possible.

Momma Bear Moms are extremely overprotective. They are climbing on the jungle gym, watching their child closely, and want to do everything in their power to prevent the world from scaring or harming their child. They also tend to fear the worst, so they keep their children close.

Go-With-The-Flow Moms show up with their child dressed in a superhero costume, their toddler’s latest mismatched fashion, and a handful of cereal in their pocket. They’re always calm, never seem to yell, and nothing seems to bother them.

Research Based Moms are always looking up the newest strategies to make their kids smarter, safer, or healthier. Sometimes, they get information for both sides, and they still feel like they aren’t parenting correctly.

Old School Moms are the first ones to say things like, “Shake it off”, “You’re fine”, or “Don’t make me pull this car over!” It’s “my way or the highway,” and mom has been there and done that.

As a whole, we can identify with one or many of these, and none of them are right or wrong. Children will see how things are at home, but they will also be influenced by their friends’ parents. Every mom does things a little bit differently, and that’s what makes every families special.

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