ND GOP leaders emphasize President Trump’s Agenda

Kelly Armstrong, Chairman of the North Dakota GOP, released the following statement today after holding a press conference with local GOP leaders.

“North Dakotans elected President Trump because he promised to enact policies that would improve our economy, make our country safer, and improve the lives of folks here at home,” said North Dakota GOP Chairman Kelly Armstrong. “But now that President Trump is in the White House, Democrats like Senator Heitkamp and Chuck Schumer have done everything they can to stop his agenda from passing. We will not let Heidi Heitkamp and Washington Democrats block the change North Dakotans voted for, and will fight to elect officials committed to working with President Trump.”

Chairman Armstrong and local GOP leaders highlighted the importance of electing North Dakota officials willing to implement President Trump’s agenda. He was joined at the event by North Dakota Tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger, North Dakota Young Republicans Chair Dawson Schefter, North Dakota State University College Republicans Chair Sydney Arends, and numerous local GOP activists and legislators.

President Trump won North Dakota by more than 36 points and maintains an approval rating near 60% among North Dakota voters. Despite President Trump’s strong standing in North Dakota, Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp has fought the President’s agenda at every turn, consistently voting against the President’s nominees and policies.

The North Dakota GOP looks forward to being engaged in the 2018 election process and working to elect principled and conservative officials who will fight for the interests of North Dakota.

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