NDDOT to add traffic signals on US Highway 85

The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) announced today it has started the installation process to add traffic signals and safety devices on US Highway 85 near Watford City and Alexander. The projects will be completed during the upcoming construction season.

“We are closely monitoring traffic volumes and patterns with new business and residential developments being built along the US 85 corridor,” says Grant Levi, NDDOT Director. “As development occurs in western North Dakota there will continue to be changes needed to the state roadways. We will work with local communities as they strive to meet growing transportation needs.”

NDDOT will install traffic signals at the intersections of Watford City South Business Route (US Highway 85B) and ND Highway 23 Bypass on the south end of Watford City and the intersection of US Highway 85 and ND Highway 68. In addition to the traffic signals, the NDDOT will install intersection lighting, delineator reflectors near the intersection of US 85 and ND 68 and reduce speed limits through the signalized intersection.  The installation of these signals and other items will help to enhance traffic movement and safety in this growing part of the state.

“It’s a good day for Watford City,” says Brent Sanford, Watford City Mayor. “We appreciate NDDOT working with us and recognizing our needs. We look forward to the operation of the new signals.”

The NDDOT is also working with local officials to study the intersection of Watford City Business Route (US Highway 85B) and US Highway 85 west of Watford City for any potential improvements. Watford City is located near the heart of the energy industry and the U.S. Census Bureau has projected the city’s population will nearly triple over the next 15 years.

As western North Dakota continues to grow there will be many changes and enhancements that need to occur in transportation services. The NDDOT works with local communities to monitor traffic volumes and patterns when new facilities are built and development along a highway occurs.

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