New football field not ready, home opener moves to Dickinson

Killdeer is getting ready to open the football season in a new stadium. But that opening will have to wait.


Football field


Construction continues to the Cowboy’s football field.



For the DC Herald

Due to some delays, the football field behind Killdeer Public School will not be ready in time for the Cowboys’ first home game.

Originally set to have the home opener on Sept. 5, the school needed to move it to the next day and will be held instead at the Henry Biesiot Activities Center in Dickinson.

For now, the team has been practicing on private land owned by Kent and Jody Carlson of Killdeer, which lies to the northwest of the existing field.

“We approached them, they said ‘yep,’ our kids can practice there and we’re very thankful for that,” said Gary Wilz, superintendent of Killdeer Public Schools.  The new field will feature synthetic turf, which has the benefit of being low maintenance because there will no longer be a need to water or mow the grass.

The track outside of the field is also made of a new type of material, with a polyurethane coating. Wilz said he expects that the track will be recoated for upkeep, but the base and the track itself should last 40 to 50 years.


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