NRCS Program for Grassed Waterways

NRCS has been working on one of our main resource concerns that has popped up throughout Dunn County in the last few years. Water erosion has been a concern in our area due to the Knife River flood along with heavy rainfalls. Washouts have been popping up throughout the county for the last few wet years. Some of the washouts can range from 3-5 feet deep and 10 to 30 feet wide. These issues have been a huge concern for local farmers and ranchers as some have even seen the soil washed away for hundreds of feet. Dunn County NRCS office had the opportunity to write a proposal asking for financial assistance to treat these sensitive areas. Dunn County was granted $35,000 towards grassed waterway projects across the county. If you have areas of washouts that are a concern to you, feel free to call or stop by the office and fill out an application. All applications for this program must be signed up by February 19th, 2016 to be considered for funding.

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