October Local Health Care Update

Well it’s been a little over a month since I provided you with my initial local healthcare update.

By Darrold Bertsch

Since that time, the clinic has been busy transitioning from operating as a clinic owned by CHI St. Joseph’s Health to a clinic being operated as a community health center owned by Coal Country Community Health Center. I really want to thank the staff at the clinic for their patience and hard work during this transition. Adjusting to new ownership and learning a new computer system and electronic health record can be a challenge, but they have done a great job in adapting and providing great care for our patients.

We are recruiting another full time provider to join Lori in the clinic, and hopefully we’ll be successful sooner than later. We have hired a couple of additional staff members that will soon be joining the clinic as we try and make sure we have the resources available to care for patients and to implement the Patient Centered Medical Home. You’ll be learning more about that over the next several months.

We’ve purchased additional lab equipment so that we were able to expand the menu of lab tests available locally. We are also waiting for one of our vendors to perform some service work on our radiology equipment so that we are again able to provide general x-ray services locally. Once operational, x-rays can be taken and viewed digitally by a radiologist, greatly enhancing the turnaround time on x-ray report results. We’re excited about these changes that we are implementing in Killdeer to enhance local access to healthcare services.

And lastly, I’d like to thank the community and the patients we’ve been privileged to provide services to. We thank you for your support and entrusting us to provide for your healthcare needs. Until next month, stay well.

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