Oil company makes donation to fire department

The West Dunn Fire Department offered a large thank you to the Hess Corp. for recently donating $25,000 to the West Dunn Fire District to help purchase additional Jaws of Life Extradition equipment for both the Killdeer Fire Department and Dunn Center City Fire Department.



Staff Writer

The money from Hess was used along with an additional $50,000 of the department’s money.

This new equipment is an upgrade from the equipment purchased some years back. While the equipment they already own is run on hydraulics and needs a fire truck in order to operate the equipment; the new equipment is battery operated and can be run on site before a fire truck arrives. Along with a multi-bay battery charger, they purchased Spreaders, Cutters, and Combi Tools. Each fire department has now has two sets of equipment to use for extradition. The tools have about 236,000 pounds of cutting power and weigh about 90 pounds to hold.

There are times at an accident scene where extradition services are needed in more than one vehicle. This equipment can be used on all sizes of vehicles and each tool has a specific purpose. “With the manpower we have between the two fire departments, it is nice to have several sets of these tools available,” Chuck Muscha said.

Muscha has worked for 27 years as a volunteer for the West Dunn Fire Department.

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