Open house meeting about Killdeer bypass set

Tuesday, Aug. 12 will mark another opportunity for the residents of Killdeer, N.D. to voice their opinions on the proposed bypass project in the area.


Area residents look at proposed routes for the Killdeer bypass at a meeting last February.
Area residents look at proposed routes for the Killdeer bypass at a meeting last February.

By Cole Benz
Along with opportunities for open mic time, the residents will also watch a formal presentation on the project.
The open house meeting will be conducted by the North Dakota Department of Transportation, the City of Killdeer, Dunn County and HDR Engineering of Bismarck. Representatives of each institution will be at the meeting to answer questions and listen to the concerns of the residents.
A previous meets had been held in February and was greeted with mixed feelings on the situation.
Some residents believe that it will make the city safer, especially as it relates to trucks hauling anhydrous ammonia.
“The city doesn’t like it, with the anhydrous tanks going through town,” Florine Lazorenko, owner of property west of Killdeer said. “If we come in, where we can hit the bypass straight east of town, the farmers could go out … on the highway and that is a safety issue.”
Others are worried that the new bypass will infringe on their farm land, with one resident concerned that the new road is going to cut right down his land and inhibit expansion and growth.
Farmer Kent Rogney voiced his opinion at an earlier meeting on the issue.
“This is a city problem and they always look to the rural people to alleviate the problems for them,” Rogney said.
Rogney owns a farm that could cut across his farmland and provide limited access.
“It’s going to eliminate (the farm’s) ability to grow,” he said. “And I can’t develop because there’s no way to access it. So, you’re double screwing me.”
The project was discussed a few years ago, but the funding just wasn’t there. Now the funding is there.
So why are they holding another meeting?
According to the press release “The purpose of the Public Input Meeting is to discuss the current status of the proposal to construct a bypass around Killdeer which would extend from Hwy 200 to Hwy 22.”
The meeting will take place from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and will be located at the Killdeer Public School. The school is located at 101 High Street Northwest.
Written statements can be submitted by mail to HDR attn: Rick Stoppelmoor, Project Manager, 4503 Coleman St., Suite 105 Bismarck, ND 58503 or by e-mail at with ‘Public Input Meeting’ in the e-mail subject heading. All submissions must be sent by Aug. 27, 2014.

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