For Peggy: Community holds fundraiser to help local ailing woman

Soon after Peggy Dressler’s husband left for work March 11, she became ill and was unable to respond to speech.

Posted May 2, 2014


For the DC Herald


Soon after Peggy Dressler’s husband left for work March 11, she became ill and was unable to respond to speech. An ambulance was called to take her to the Hazen Hospital where she was transferred to Sanford Hospital in Bismarck for an evaluation.

At Sanford they did a CT scan and it was discovered that Dressler had a perforated bowel and large ulcer. Surgery then was performed to remove the damaged bowel.

After the bowel was removed, the surgeon then performed a resection. Due to the perforation, her intestinal contents leaked into her abdominal cavity, which caused a severe infection.

Dressler remained in Sanford’s ICU for four weeks. She was heavily sedated during that time.

Even when the infection was brought under control, she has remained in the hospital because of related health issues on her legs. Due to being sedated for so long, her right leg had formed a blood clot that ultimately affected her right foot. There were circulation problems and through this, her toes on her right foot have been amputated.

It was also found that because of the sedation, her doctor believes her left leg basically went to sleep and the brain does not recognize signals from the leg to move. Physical therapy is needed to regain full use of both legs.

Dressler’s daughter Kyleen said her mother is in very good spirits and still shares her sense of humor by telling them that she now needs “a flip-flop that does not flop”.

Dressler currently is at Vibra for rehabilitation and will continue physical therapy.

She has the possibility of two to three months left with her rehabilitation, depending on how her therapy goes. She is still on IVs for antibiotics and nutrition. Her family is currently looking for a place closer to home to finish her rehabilitation.

On her Caring Bridge page, Dressler’s daughter Becky and other family members visited with her on Easter Sunday. She shares with those who care for Dressler that her spirits are good and she is ready to get on the mend.

“Just as it was a miracle that Jesus was raised from the grave, we give thanks and praise that Peggy has come so far from where she was. It is so heartwarming to see her smile and laugh once again,” Becky said.

The Medical Benefit and Basket Auction for Dressler will be held on May 3 at the Auditorium in Dodge. A roast beef dinner will begin at 5 p.m. and at 6:30 p.m. a basket auction will begin. Free-will donations are appreciated. Basket donations can be dropped off ahead of time at the Union Bank in Halliday or NoDak Mutual of Killdeer. If you would like to help monetary donations can be made at any Union Bank location under the Peggy Dressler Medical Fund.

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