Photos: Taking a Look Back At 1988, 1998, 2008


Ashley Lesmeister feels that getting a rainbow painted on her face is serious business during the Halliday Fall Festival in 1988.
The Dickinson post of the DAV, headed by Katherine Moore, presented an American flag that flew over the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. to the long term health care facility, Hilltop Home of Comfort, during its dedication in 1988.
The Killdeer Women of Today put on a Hew Haw rendition as part of the musical. With straw hats and pitch forks, Gynell Harris and Suzi Tuhy sang a tune.
The Killdeer Tiger Scouts planted a small tree at the Hilltop Home of Comfort in the fall of 1988. Pictured are Derrick Kirkiede, Tyler Pelton, Daniel Biek, Michael Kuntz and Dusty Kleeman. Assisting the boys was one of their leaders, Allan Kuntz of Manning.



Trying out his bench is pharmacist Jody Doe and the students who made the bench, Zane Enney and Brad Gunwall. The benches sold for $40 of which the students were paid $10 for the work.
This 1914 bridge five miles west of Manning has been put out for adoption by Dunn County commissioners to make way for a new $150,000 concrete replacement.
Gov. Edward T. Schafer and First Lady Nancy Schafer were given a buggy ride by Stanley Gjermundson and Dunn County Commission Chairman Appledorn and an escort by the Killdeer Saddle Club during the capital for a day event in Killdeer on March 12, 1998.
Union Bank of Halliday, owner of the Halliday Hotel, is having Pastor Bruce Gunderson tear down the building for the use of lumber. Pastor Gunderson hopes to build a house or garage with the lumber.




Members of the American Legion Veteran’s Memorial Committee from left: Dean Bergstedt, David Twist, Melvin Hunnicutt, Ron Borth, George Schmidt, Clive Pelton and Chuck Gustafson. Other members not pictured are Allen Roll, Ron McFadden and Tex Appledoorn.
Taylor Achcer (left) and Savannah Hausauer (right) hold original copy of the first newspaper printed in 1908 by the Killdeer Herald.
Michael Barnes stands with his grandmother, Bernel Zabolotny, as the capital campaign project continues to climb.
The sun sets and the moon rises at the Dunn Center elevators in December 2008.

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