Police raid home in Dodge for drugs; alleged dealer faces potential federal charges

Dunn County Sheriff’s Department deputies on May 17 completed a successful drug raid in Dodge.

Matthew Gietzen
Matthew Gietzen


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Posted May 22, 2013 

Dunn County Sheriff’s Department deputies on May 17 completed a successful drug raid in Dodge.

Assisted by task force agents from the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the Drug Enforcement Administration, deputies executed a search warrant of a home in Dodge belonging to Matthew Gietzen, authorities said.

Gietzen, 35, whose father is Dunn County Sheriff’s Deputy Glenn Gietzen, was described in a criminal complaint as a large-scale dealer in both methamphetamine and heroin and obtained the illegal controlled substances, which he sold from his residence in Dodge, from suppliers both outside the state and country.

The criminal complaint was filed in Dunn County District Court in Manning on Monday, charging Gietzen with five felony counts that included possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, possession of a controlled substance – methamphetamine, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and two counts of possession of methamphetamine paraphernalia. Gietzen also was charged with two misdemeanor counts of possession of marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia.

Gietzen had the opportunity for release upon posting a $150,000 cash bond. As of Wednesday, he had not posted bail and remained incarcerated in the Southwest Multi-County Correctional Facility in Dickinson.

Deputy Ron McCloud, who assisted in the raid, said Gietzen was not home at the time the warrant was executed, but did return home as a passenger in a vehicle, according to the complaint. He then attempted to flee from officers at the scene, but soon after was apprehended, according to the complaint.

Officers recovered a .32 caliber revolver from clothing belonging to Gietzen that was found in the vehicle where he sat as a passenger, the complaint said. They also recovered two vials of liquid – presumably a controlled substance, numerous syringes, three spoons and other items of drug paraphernalia, as stated in the complaint.

McCloud said that he was informed Gietzen was a person of interest and suspect in a federal drug-related investigation and soon would be charged.

Dunn County State’s Attorney Ross Sundeen said that if Gietzen was indicted on federal charges, the county could possibly dismiss its charges against him, relinquishing their jurisdiction over Gietzen to federal authorities.

“We hadn’t seen a huge drug problem until the oil boom,” Sundeen said. “The county’s attention is to crack down on folks who either sell or produce illegal substances.”

Dunn County has made great strides in fighting drug-related crimes in the area, including a large increase of law officers in the county and addition of a K-9 unit, Sundeen said.

Gietzen’s arrest record showed he previously was convicted of, or pled guilty to, felony criminal trespassing in Mercer County in 2005.

Dunn County Sheriff Deputy Matt Hegstad said he could not release any further information about the raid as it’s still under open investigation. Accounts of a second drug raid that took place in Halliday, however, were reported as false.

The Bureau of Criminal Investigation’s Southwest Narcotics Task Force did not return several phone messages left for them before this article went to print.

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  1. This guy has been dealing drugs for YEARS, not just since the oil boom. Dear young people have lost their lives because of this person.

  2. Finally! I agree with Former Dunn Gal. He is responsible for the deaths of 2 people, and has been dealing drugs for many years. He should be charged in the deaths of those young people.

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