Prairie Travelers 4-H enjoy nature walk

Prairie Travelers 4-H members recently enjoyed and learned from a nature walk along the Knife River near Marshall.

4H 1

Posted 11/01/13

During the past year members have walked the same trail various times to observe nature’s changes during the four seasons.


Prairie Travelers 4-H members include (L to R): Cole Carazzo, Richardton, Alayna Dressler, Richardton, Ryan Perhus, Marshall, Cayden Heiser, Richardton, Kazanne Gjermundson, Marshall, Skyler Heiser, Richardton, Chesney Gjermundson, Marshall, Breeana Dressler, Richardton, Kaylee Heiser, Richardton, Jaycee Heiser, Richardton, Irelynn Dressler, Richardton and Arianna Dressler, Richardton.



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