Preliminary City Hall Plans Reviewed

Killdeer City Commissioners got their first look at preliminary plans for a new city hall at Monday’s commissioners meeting.

By Pam Kukla

For the DC Herald

Commissioners are also reevaluating their mobile food vendor permits, discussed concerns of the Killdeer Ambulance and received an update on the street projects.

Engineers with JLG meet with the commissioners to show preliminary designs for a new city hall and police station. The plans took into consideration the growth taking place in Killdeer as well as potential growth. Two possible locations had been discussed with the final location being land next to the water treatment plant. The design is a C shape with a plaza in the center with possible use as a farmer’s market or other community events. Engineers discussed incorporating similar design elements that will be used in the aquatics center. The concept is an open and transparent city hall with security designs. The preliminary design is in the 5 ½ million range, but this is in the very early stages of development. “This is a nice preliminary design,” said commissioner Anita Mjolhus.

Commissioners had received a request to look at the current mobile food vendor permit. The current permit charges $25 a day. Commissioners discussed reevaluating the permit requirements, cost and if it should come under planning and zoning. The commissioners decided to reevaluate the mobile food vendor permit.

Daryl Dukart came before the board on behalf of the Killdeer Ambulance. Dukart first discussed previous training with the Valley Med Helicopter. The city had received a lot of calls which they had shared with the Killdeer Ambulance. Mayor Chuck Muscha asked for at least a month notice for any more helicopter training so residents could be notified and preferred it be done at the airport if it required multiple landings and take offs. Dukart also discussed the financial situation of the Killdeer Ambulance. “We aren’t stressed financially but if the slowdown continues there could be a crunch,” he said. Muscha asked the commissioners to keep in mind the ambulance and fire department because they might need help in the future.

Street updates were also shared with the commissioners. The concrete work should be completed during the week followed by pavement starting around July 20.


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