Proposed landfill ‘anything but green’

We don’t know a lot about tree-hugging, but we do know the landfill being proposed twelve miles west of Killdeer at Houghton Ranch by an outfit called Green Group, is anything but “green.”
What we do know: This is the largest special waste site proposed in Dunn County (so far).  The landfill would be 160 acres and would take in 500 tons per day or 182,500 tons a year.  That’s about 250 trucks a day, dumping who knows what into the earth of Dunn County.  That’s over four million tons over the 26-year lifespan of the site.
We know they’ll be disposing of concentrated toxic solids after frac water is removed, cuttings, radioactive filter socks, and contaminated soils from spills.  But we don’t know what specific contaminants.  The reason we don’t know what really will be dumped, is because the mix of chemicals used in fracking are different for every company, and those formulas are closely-guarded industry secrets.
Another unanswered question is who owns the waste?  Green Group?  The oil companies? Who owns the responsibility if the landfill catches fire?  Who is in charge if Green Group goes out of business?  Who owns responsibility for any effects 50 years from now? 100 years from now?
And finally there is the question of water.  The spring-fed Little Knife River flows southeast, with springs and tributaries right throughout the section where this landfill is being sited.  Recently, at a public forum hosted by Green Group, their representative seemed unaware of this fact, and was unable to answer legitimate citizen concerns about contamination of ground water and the river.
With so many unknowns at this point, I urge our county leaders to consider their decisions regarding this landfill very carefully.  Very carefully.

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