Proud May You Wave

Memorial Flag Donated to American Legion Post

Leo Bell displays memorial flagLeo Bell raises memorial flag

By Pam Kukla

For the DC Herald

The flag of the United States, the ND state flag, the POW/MIA flag and the flag representing the Killdeer American Legion Ezra Barrows Post #46 proudly wave in the ND wind above the black granite veteran’s memorial on the curve leading into Killdeer. The memorial is etched with the names of veterans from Dunn County, some marked with a cross identifying those who sacrificed all in the name of freedom.

All four flags are important but the current American flag has special meaning to a group of veterans. Jinene Schmidt donated the flag in memory of veterans Clarence Kukla and Jim Braun. It is also in honor of veterans Leo Bell, Dennis Hartman, Lawrence Kukla, Dan Braun, and Clarence Braun. On Memorial Day Leo Bell raised the flag in honor of his fellow veterans. “Our flag is usually replaced three times a year, but this particular flag is made differently than others so we hope to have it longer,” said Leo Bell.

If anyone is interested in donating a memorial flag or having a name added to the memorial contact the Ezra Barrows Post.

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