PSC Approves Siting Permits for Two Pipeline Projects in Western North Dakota

The North Dakota Public Service Commission last week approved siting permits for a new natural gas liquids pipeline that will run through Dunn County.

The pipeline permit approved is for the Bear Creek natural gas liquids (NGL) Pipeline Project, submitted by ONEOK Bakken Pipeline, LLC.

The new, approximately 37-mile long, 8-inch diameter NGL pipeline will be built in Dunn and McKenzie Counties.

The pipeline will carry Y-grade NGLs (a mixture of ethane, propane, butanes, iso-butane mix, pentanes and natural gasoline) produced at the Bear Creek Plant, which is presently under construction.

The maximum capacity of the pipeline will be approximately 14,000 barrels per day.

Estimated cost of the project is $45 million.

The pipeline will start at the ONEOK Bear Creek Plant in Dunn County and extend to the northwest, ending at an interconnection with ONEOK’s existing Targa Pipeline on the east side of Highway 85 in McKenzie County.

The design, construction and operation of the pipeline will be accordance with the U.S. Department of Transportation regulations governing the transportation of hazardous liquids. The company will be installing a supervisory control and data acquisition system and operations will be monitored continuously. ONEOK will incorporate this pipeline into its existing emergency response plan and coordinate with local authorities and emergency managers. The company will bore through sensitive areas, including the Little Missouri National Grasslands and approximately 60 percent of the pipeline will be co-located with other pipelines to minimize impacts.

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