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By Pat Merriman

Whether you email us or, just walk up to Pat Merriman at Nana Lil’s (at breakfast) or just approach him on the streets of Killdeer, we will try to get you an answer for any question related to crime, local law enforcement agencies, statistics or the operation of the States Attorney’s Office in Killdeer, ND. If the writer allows us to use their name in our response, we will do so. If they are shy, we will respect their privacy and use their initials. Either way, we are here to serve you and answer your questions. Please avoid the use of profanity and be patient. We will get to you as we tweak and update our information.
Q- RS asks: Did you get any complaints from local farmers about your article last week on tractors out on the highway? A- Not really. I fielded a couple of questions about the insurance requirement but, I responded, just check with your agent and make sure there isn’t an exclusion for driving on the highway. I doubt it since most farmers are honest people and only use their pickup or truck or whatever for farming and don’t use it for everyday transportation, so, their farm policy should cover short hauls on the highway. And, another thing, the VAST majority of farmers I encounter, just like oversized semis, are courteous drivers out there on the highway who try to minimize intrusions into the driving habits of others and move over, etc. No upraised middle fingers, like it or lump it screaming matches or fist-waving. Just guys trying to make a living on their land and using  the congested roadways, as little as possible, to get from point A to point B and back.
In fact, if reports are true, there appears to be only a couple of the same guys in our fair county who create most all of the complaints and, like anything else, the few make it hard on the many of us who try to be courteous and get along with our fellow citizens. So, again, the thrust of the story was not to worry about driving a tractor on a highway, it was to keep a careful lookout and be courteous to each other. Just, don’t kill the messenger for the message, guys.

Thanks for your questions/comments!

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