Ready to produce our future leaders

The class of 2017 is definitely one that will be remembered! We have conquered many things throughout our years at Killdeer High School. Although we used to think school was overrated, just like any other high school kid, we soon learned that high school is full of several humbling moments in which we have taken many valuable lessons from.

By Gabi Flaget
We began in freshman year with learning that everyone gets through their awkward stages. Freshman year was a time that we still had immature moments, but turned them around and ended the year on a higher level of maturity. Then, sophomore year rolled around and it was a year full of athletic feats, we went to state football for our first time in twenty years. Our junior year we were back to back region champs in football and went to state one more time. It was a huge accomplishment for our community. Now we are here, in the bittersweet end of senior year and six of our nine seniors will be competing at our final state meet!
Moving from athletic feats to academic accomplishments, I am proud to say we are the first Killdeer High School class to have had to pass our civics exam to graduate. Knowing our class, we probably had to have a few people retake the test, but we have finished strong. Our academic performance within the school has catapulted toward college.
College is the next journey within our lives, and we could not be more excited. Being able to graduate proves we have prevailed through any ups and downs the high school hallway has thrown at us. We are ready to be producing the future leaders of our country.

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