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Hypocrisy, thy name is “activist.” “Water Protectors” got vexed because the DAPL pipeline COULD contaminate their drinking water. Ignore, for the moment, the 10 other fossil-fuel pipelines already crossing the Missouri River upstream and their new water intake nearing completion much further downstream in South Dakota. And, let’s also give these folks the benefit of the doubt. They were genuinely concerned about a pipeline buried 90 feet plus UNDER Lake Oahe. They said it and, there’s nothing objective to rebut it. A peaceful protest over water pollution. That sounded reasonable … for a while.

Unfortunately, on Jan. 25, 2016, DAPL had all its permits in place and completion of the 470,000-barrel-per-day pipeline was set for Dec. 31. Then, local protests started so that, by July 27, ABC News reported that protestors “took their first legal action to block the pipeline to the courts.” Two months later, different protestors clashed with private security.

“Most of the organized demonstrations and protesting began shortly after the tribe filed the lawsuit, and as the summer waned on activists and native groups from across the country began flocking to camp.” And, that’s where things got decidedly NOT peaceful. Of course, then-President Obama upped the ante, “You’re making your voice heard.”

Point of view quoted Morton County Sheriff Kirchmeier, “Only 9 percent of the people arrested are actually from (North Dakota) … to make sure public safety is maintained …t he $500,000 a day … we are approaching … the $6 million figure now.” And, that was months ago.

Out-of-state “protestors?” Greg Champagne, President of the National Sheriff’s Association, continues, “many protestors other than Native American groups have descended upon the area such as anarchists and eco-terrorists who are hell bent on committing violence and damage … to protect farmers, ranchers and other private property interests have been costing … North Dakota millions of dollars.”

Fargo talk show host Scott Hennen, “Between setting fires that have made a bridge impassable, throwing Molotov cocktails at law enforcement and killing local livestock, these protesters have been causing fear, terror and economic devastation … these eco-terrorists seem well trained and well organized, as if professionals were helping them.” But, who?

“A Seattle-based communications firm … openly touts its role in crafting and disseminating the core message of the (DAPL) protesters … also has represented several extreme environmental organizations such as the Sierra Club and … Greenpeace.”

Today, the water supply is threatened by another crisis – the garbage protestors left behind. The Washington Times reports the clean-up will take weeks. In all fairness, some of the original protestors have promised to help but, not nearly enough. North Dakota taxpayers will get stuck with that multi-million dollar tab too.

Since the BLM movement, almost 2,000 “protests,” egged on by professional activists, have occurred in this country. Universities and major cities. Kidnapping, assault, trespassing and property damage. Violence renamed “protest.”

Leftist hypocrisy. Thousands of activists protesting potential water contamination while ACTUALLY imperiling precious water.

The ends NOW justify the means? Destroying others’ private property, civil rights and actual ecological devastation? Justified because the cleanup cost is coming out of someone else’s pocket? Trashing the rest of society’s rights in the name of political correctness. Leftists who were quick to condemn President Trump BEFORE the election for claiming rigged elections – the same argument they now make to justify millions in property damage.

Isaac Asimov said the problem with democracy is that “anti-intellectualism” leads to the inevitable conclusion that “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” Hence, why we have a democratic republic. I guess these “activists” missed that in school while they were out protesting.

Pat Merriman is the Dunn County State Attorney. He is a photographer and also officiates high school and college athletics events in the area.

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