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OOPS, they did it again! The latest lib faux pas? President Trump pre-empted the New York Times and Washington Post hit pieces which, again, try to link his campaign to Russia. The same conspiracy theory based on no evidence which keeps trying to morph into the theft of Hillary Clinton’s pre-ordained claim to the throne.

NO ONE has produced ANY actual evidence of Russia doing anything that the U.S. and every other country’s intelligence agency does — constantly hack and monitor people lazy/stupid enough to ignore basic Internet security; but, Obama apparently upped the ante in November.

Folks, if true, pure molten evil. Former Reagan Attorney General Chief of Staff Mark Levin lays out the inescapable trail that the Obamanites “electronically monitored” Donald Trump’s staff during last year’s presidential campaign in what is looking more and more as a last-minute attempt to impeach him if he won. And, it had to come from the highest level.

Panned by the mainstream media until Wikileaks, again, last Tuesday, released 9,000 pages which demonstrate that the CIA has been hacking computers, smartphones, and even televisions for a long time in the U.S.A.! You know allegations the left has reserved solely for China, Russia and Iraq. Even 60 Minutes reported in April, 2016, that hackers could do this. And, not actual Russians (necessarily) ANYONE can leave whatever incriminating footprint they want.

But, the real sewer? The leaking of this stuff to the mainstream media in an attempt to bring down a sitting President. “These (leaks) appear to be very, very serious” says the House Intelligence Committee. What’s the big deal? Our intelligence agencies are bound by laws (with serious consequences) for their minions who engage in this stuff. In fact, U.S. intelligence agencies can’t spy on American citizens AT ALL. That’s the FBI’s sole domain.

Even Dems get it! Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.), said: “The potential privacy concerns are mind-boggling,”

I’ve been in the intelligence game since 1986. It’s an essential part of drug enforcement. Every dirty little secret comes across your desk at some point. Hence, the very strict federal laws on gathering this information by electronic means or, disseminating it.

Since Watergate, the government can’t just conduct electronic surveillance. It takes a warrant from a special federal court, created in 1978. FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) and the 1968 “Wiretap Act” (Title III), congressional oversight and judicial intervention is always required. And, it ain’t easy to get. I’ve seen maybe a handful in thirty years.

Government agents can’t even breathe a hint of a target’s identity, the contents of an application/order or, that one has been issued. Not even a hint of scandal to protect the suspect’s privacy and reputation. You leak it — you go to jail!

Levin points out that the media already covered this last year, in painstaking detail, and, the evidence against the Obamanites “is overwhelming.” No plausible deniability by the ex-Prez!

The day before the general election, information about a FISA warrant for a server in Trump Tower was leaked. Two sources in the counter-intelligence community confirmed it.

Former U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy (ED N.Y. — the guy who prosecuted Sheikh Omar Rhaman in the 1993 Twin Towers bombing), was aghast, “the idea that FISA could be used against political enemies always seemed far-fetched. Now it might not be.”

These are police state tactics folks. For you snowflakes that means actual “fascism” by YOUR hero. Levin sums up, “I’m telling you as a former chief of staff to attorney general, if this had been done to Barack Obama all hell would break loose — Barack Obama’s statement on the wiretapping allegations is just pathetic.”

Pat Merriman is the Dunn County State Attorney. He is a photographer and also officiates high school and college athletics events in the area.

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