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You just can’t make this up. First, lawyer Nicholas Somberg, who represents two complete idiots who wandered into a Michigan police precinct armed, wearing masks and body armor on Feb. 5, is bemoaning that the cops overreacted. Well, only one imbecile was actually armed with a sidearm and rifle but, they both went there to live-stream the police response.


Want a couple of guesses how the police reacted as this pair of halfwits pranced into their lobby dressed like terrorists … wait for it …the officers pointed guns at them and told them to put down the weapons. Who knew, right?

Somberg’s complaint? The officers knew the duo was coming because they monitored Facebook “Second Amendment advocates.” Ice cream headache again! Proving if you have a couple of grand, you can find a lawyer who will say anything.

Somberg said: “After the discovery, it is very clear that Dearborn (police) knew that they were coming, knew who they were and planned the ambush.”

That’s right, they’re suing the Dearborn police.

The problem with this absurd proposition is that it divorces what someone SAYS on Facebook from what they actually DID. Believe it or not, people lie. My wife and I discuss this quite often, “Baby, they SAID it, that doesn’t make it TRUE.” And, how obtuse do you have to be, in this day and age of cop killing, to walk into their offices looking like terrorists?

Oh, and FYI, if you’re going to do something stupid, don’t post it on Facebook. Professor Thomas Holt, criminal justice at Michigan State University, said: “social media is … definitely becoming a more common tool for law enforcement … to monitor for public safety and to watch trending problems.”

Michigan Open Carry Inc. continues, “We in no way support the actions of these individuals … It is our belief that their actions were reckless and primarily designed to draw attention and a response.” So, fellow haters, important safety tip — don’t walk into a police station armed and dressed like a terrorist.

The second story was here in North Dakota. We have ex-Cass County Deputy Jesse Barbot stopped for DUI by the N.D. Highway Patrol. Drunk drivers, listen up! Our peace officers have video and sound recording in their cars now! You know, Jesse, like the one in your agency’s patrol cars.

SO … when Barbot got caught driving 35 in a 25 mph zone by Trooper Dahnke reeking of booze and with slurred speech and bloodshot, watery eyes, the drunk driver was polite, professional and cooperative, right? Not so much. It might have been his wife’s fault since they were traveling from her high school reunion and, who wants to listen to that tirade after you’re busted, right?

Anyway, Barbot launched into a profane tirade in the genre of “Don’t you know who I am” all the way through the booking process; and, well, not only was he arrested but, he resigned rather than be fired. And, guess what, the guy was 39 years old … not a kid. Guys, two observations — don’t cuss out a trooper on video tape! Juries don’t like it at trial.

Also, uh … don’t try the good ‘ol boy routine at a traffic stop, OK! It’s not relevant who you are (really) does it? Or, that you “pay their salary.” In my humble opinion, the sugar versus vinegar analogy dictates that being polite cultivates a polite response and vice versa.

The moral to these stories? Far too often, in today’s culture, miscreants think it’s their job to berate cops. Hence, the sad results of these two events. You still got busted and go to jail. Am I missing something?

Pat Merriman is the Dunn County State Attorney. He is a photographer and also officiates high school and college athletics events in the area.

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