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Let the politicking begin! Dems’ national fundraising is trailing Republicans…badly! Desperately trying to infuse federal candidacies with out-of-state dollars to prevent any further erosion in Washington, DC. Hence, the April 21st editorial by Mike McFeely.

Using phrases like “Dakota Access Pipeline is a major campaign contributor”, the Republican is “wholly unapologetic”, “Optics be darned”, “a strong and vocal supporter of the controversial pipeline”, and “Cramer has a [cash] pipeline to Texas”. You mean the same industry that fuels this entire state’s economy, right?

We understand the frenzy. Libs are worried that our current Democrat Senator is vulnerable and, this is a preemptive attack. It was only three days earlier that reporter Sam Easter cited her presumptive opponent’s “support of the GOP replacement plan for the Affordable Care Act” and the ominous warning, “If Congressman Cramer decides he actually wants to run for anything besides dogcatcher after his humiliating health care defeat, he’ll see these clips again.”

Alleged by whom? Why, the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee. As Easter corrects, “The opening salvo is part of a broader effort launched last week by the DSCC against potential GOP Senate candidates in states around the country.”

And Big Oil? Well, one has to compare BOTH presumptive candidates’ fund raising. And, remember, our current Senator, says CNBC, “was director of a Dakota Gasification plant, the only commercial-scale synthetic natural gas producing company in the United States.” Isn’t lignite coal also part of the evil cabal of domestic energy production too?

In campaigns, hypocrisy is the coin-in-trade. Reporter Rob Port counters McFeely by pointing out that Heitkamp is a supporter of the Sunlight for Unaccountable Nonprofits (SUN) Act. Legislation which makes no bones—overturn the SCOTUS 1976 ruling protecting small groups of voters from large caucuses with preexisting fund-raising platforms. Port says SUN’s premise is that “people shouldn’t just get to run around spending their money on their favored political causes willy-nilly because what do you think this is, a free country or something?”

“The average gun-toting American cannot hope to speak as loudly as some politician or Hollywood activist on the issue of gun control unless they combine their resources with other like-minded citizens to support something like the National Rifle Association.” Libs hate the status quo because it gives conservatives a voice. “Democrats aren’t on this mission out of some heartfelt duty toward public accountability. They’ll say this is about transparency, but really it’s about weakening the political competition.”

Cramer is simply NOT the sole beneficiary of Big Oil’s largesse either. The Internet, says so. McFeely says, “Cramer’s campaign listed 24 contributions totaling $46,300 from people and political action committees employed by or associated with” DAPL. Really?

Well, reports that of Senator Heitkamp’s top twenty contributors in 2015-16, eight were affiliated with Big Oil. To the tune of $112,600 while Cramer had six out of twenty totaling $99,050.00. Total funds raised by the Dem surpassed the Pub by an almost two-to-one ratio too.

So, what does this all mean? The media says the 2018 race “is one of national importance, with the Senate divided at 52 to 48 between Republicans and Democrats…Of the 34 seats up for grabs, 25 belong to the Democrats, giving them the most to lose…Money goes further swinging a Senate race in a state like North Dakota than in a large one like New York or California.”

And, these two candidates haven’t even said they’ll run yet. Which also begs the question—is Big Oil any worse than the out-of-state political machines pumping money into our state to sway our  vote and keep/increase their market share in D.C.?

Pat Merriman is the Dunn County State Attorney. He is a photographer and also officiates high school and college athletics events in the area.

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